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Colder Weather 

Fall is in the air and while you might think it is safe to stop treating your pets for fleas and ticks, its actually the WORST time to stop. The fleas have been multiplying all summer and as it gets cooler they will  become more aggressive. So keep up the flea treatments at least until 3-4 days of freezing temperatures, though this does not mean your pet can not still get fleas. Even in freezing temperatures if your pet already has fleas you will need to continue treating them

*It is highly recommended that you keep your pet on heartworm preventative all year long   

Assistant/ Receptionist Faye Miller

At Shawnee Animal Hospital we offer everything from the basic vaccinations and preventative care to surgeries and everything in between. When it comes to caring for the furry members of the family experience counts, and Dr. Shirley Fouse has been practicing veterinary medicine and surgery for over 30 years. Providing the best care possible no matter what brings you to us our mission is to keep your pets as happy and healthy as possible. 

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