Shawnee Animal Hospital

The Best Vet in Topeka





  • Routine checkups
  • Vaccinations
  • Heartworm treatment
  • Allergies
  • Weight loss and fitness

It's getting hot out there, and when the mercury rises you need to take of your pets to prevent overheating and worse.

Shawnee Animal Clinic is an emergency vet clinic. It offers you and your pet the quickest and best care available anywhere, without having to take you animal elsewhere.

Over 30 Years of Experience.  Dr. Fouse has treated everything from cats, dogs, hamsters, and mice, to even the exotic. 


Our Location


Shawnee Animal Hospital 

2113 SW Gage Blvd. Topeka KS 66614 us





Monday:      7am- 6pm 

Tuesday:     7am- 6pm

Wednesday:7am -12p

Thursday:    7am- 6pm

Friday:        7am- 6pm

Saturday:    9am-12p 
Sunday :     Closed



Pets For Adoption

Call our office for current information on adoptable animals. 

As a emergency vet in Topeka Shawnee Animal Hospital is equipped to handle surgery and other emergency as well as being your every day pet vet. 


Topeka's Vet that Cares

Dr. Shirley Fouse open Shawnee Animal Hospital as a central Vet clinic to serve all in Topeka and it's surrounding area ...